10 creative and awesome ways for you to ask a question in a Kahoot

Asking a question in a Kahoot is really fun! Needless to say, Kahoot is a cool platform in which the players can freely ask a question in a game and become the excellent game designers. To ask your questions, there are ten various ways for that. Now let’s find out what they are and explore some good tips.

10 creative and awesome ways for you to ask a question in a Kahoot

One right answer

Having one right answer is the popular format of the classic quiz. This type of format is normally utilized to make some questions about the facts. One question will have 3-4 answers, and only one of the answers is correct.

Multiple right answers

A question with 2-4 correct answers is usually tougher than the one-right-answer question. If the question has a lot of right answers, it can give more motivation and choices to increase their points.

True/false answers

You can provide the students with a stamen and ask them if it’s true or false. Yes and No is also another way that is used to describe this. Try to give a clear statement to your students.

Fill in the blank

This kind of question requires you to put a blank space between the words so that your students will choose a proper word to fill in the blank. You use this question when you help the students practice their grammar, spelling, etc.

Asking “What is it”

“What is it” can be a popular type of question. You can employ pictures or videos to ask your students things that appear in them. Try to find some various ways to ask instead of using the structure “What is it?”. Below here are some examples for you:

  • What is the kind of this construction?
  • Where is it sited?
  • Who built it?
  • When was it constructed?

Find a solution to the issue in the picture

It’s not easy to express the subjects like math or science in the short sentences. You can use the picture to analyze the question as well as provide more details. For example “Resolve the equation showed in the picture”. Try utilizing the PowerPoint or Keynote to make a slide, then you can insert the picture into the question.

Use the images to display the answers

Nowadays, you can utilize the pictures to show the answers. Just simply make a picture, make the selections as A, B, C, and D, after that, just use them correspondingly in the answer fields.

Music and video

When it comes to pop quizzes, you can use the music or videos as questions. Try involving a YouTube video in a question, and ask the people if they figure out the song or the video.

Photo disclose

Slowly revealing the answer in an animated gif can be a great way to ask your questions. The topics of this type of question are very interesting. You can use one picture to depict the answer, like guess the position, the object, the person, etc.

It’s not hard much to make the animated gifs for the questions. You are recommended to use Keynote or PowerPoint or even Photoshop to create animated gifs. Check out the video below for a detailed instruction:

The image below is a clear example of this photo-disclose type. The players have to guess the animal that is showed in the animated gif.

The initial letter of the answer

You can make a question like only showing the first letter of a word rather than displaying all words in the answers. This will make the question harder a bit and force the players to have to think carefully, guess and find out the accurate answer.

You can totally add the follow-up questions in which the answers are the entire words. By doing so, the level of difficulty and the detail will be grown in the similar Kahoot or various related Kahoots.

The example below here is called “The Great Variation Quiz”. It was made to prove that there are various ways to ask the questions in Kahoot, such as giving solutions to the problem in the image, multiple right answers, true/false questions and so on.


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