Enhance Your Class By Using Kahoots Jumble Game

Kahoots Jumble game can bring advantages to the teachers and their students in the class. This is the latest game mode in Kahoot. There are several awesome ways that Kahoots Jumble game enhances your class. Let’s check them out!

Enhance Your Class By Using Kahoots Jumble Game

Feedback from your students

Students will be the ones that experience Jumble game in Kahoots to do their assignments or answer the questions from the teachers. Hence, it’s extremely crucial to listen to the feedback and the thoughts of the students. Below here are several top thoughts on Jumble:

  • “I like it because the questions are more complicated.”
  • “It’s harder, you have to pay more attention.”
  • “I like moving the tiles around.”
  • “If you don’t know the answer it’s really hard to guess.”

The students will experience a brand new challenge

Using the Jumble game in Kahoots can be an interesting challenging that your students will experience. The students don’t have enough practice to answer this way. The point is that they are required to have a full grasp of the questions that they are trying to answer. After that, they can arrange the answers tiles once again so they can give out correct answers to the questions.

At the first attempt, the students may find it hard a bit to learn how to move the tiles around. However, they will become familiar with this kind of challenge after succeeding in answering some questions.

Focus on building instead of choosing

By using Jumble game, the teachers are able to check and evaluate the level of understanding of their students since they must use things they have to give the correct answers to the questions.

Students must try to build the accurate answer based on what they were given. Jumble game will surely help them become the knowledge builders.

Evaluating deeper understanding

Jumble game is considered as a precious tool that is used to evaluate the deeper understanding although the teachers are required to have time and skill to make the question format.

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