How to help your students acquire more knowledge through the questions and answers in Kahoot

There are 5 awesome steps to turn your Kahoot quiz into a good one with a lot of interesting questions and answers. It’s very important to prioritize what is the most crucial knowledge for the students to study, how they will learn as well as assist them to practice the knowledge they have studied. This is also the main objective of the teachers.

If you decide to join Kahoot for making a pathway to lead your students to the success, you will find it easier for them to fulfill the challenges. You can create a lot of questions and answers in an amazing way. This can be considered as a natural way for the students to learn because most of them like to discover things through the questions.

It will be great if you can provide your students with proper questions that focus on a topic, along with a nice mixture between right and wrong answers. You should show your creativity to get a lot of awesome combinations in order to make the game worth a try and extremely fun to play.

Steps to create a quest for your students to gain more knowledge with Kahoot! quiz

How to help your students acquire more knowledge through the questions and answers in Kahoot

Step 1: Key knowledge needs to be clarified

Your expected results need to be formed very carefully from the beginning. You should make an attempt to search or find out the key knowledge that your students should keep when they are done playing the quiz.

Step 2: Collect a lot of pieces of the knowledge then wrap them all into simple questions

After gathering the knowledge, you need to format and put them in various short questions that are understandable. There are plenty of types of questions for you to use. The question can help students to review knowledge from a textbook, or the question that forces to them analyze stuff for a right answer. The objective of the question will calculate the period of time that students have to get the right answer.

Step 3: Provide the relevant answers, including the improper ones.

You should add many relevant answers to your question to make it harder and a little bit challenging. It can be a true or false question or multiple correct answers. When adding many answers, your students will have to brainstorm to find out the proper one, which helps them increase their analytical skills and their creativity. Make sure you will keep the relevant accurate and inaccurate answers balanced in the question.

Step 4: Use a picture or a video to make the question more attractive

You are advised to include the image or video in your question so that your students can find it more interesting. There are many ways to do that:

You can detail your question by using an image, like showing elaborated text, tables, charts, formulas, etc.

Search for a picture which will link to the question or the answer.

You can even attach a relevant YouTube video to the question too. The video can give more hints or even trick the students as well as examine if they are focused or not.

You can make a drawing of your own picture or create animated gifs in Kahoot. If the students make their games, you should turn this step into a section of the homework. They can practice their creative abilities a lot.

Step 5: The questions should be rearranged to make advancement through the game.

You can make a good progression through this quiz by arranging the questions orderly. The quiz should be started with easy questions first, then gradually more difficult questions will come out.

Arranging the questions based on the difficulty is just an instance. It’s up to you to organize them by subtopic or putting some hints in the questions for the subsequent ones.

You can join the quiz with the same players to get the boosting. You are able to adjust the questions’ order so that it can be less predictable. Prior to beginning the Kahoot, you need to choose “Randomize order of answers in each question”


If you make a decision on joining Kahoot in class, you are suggested to let your students take a lead and allow them to freely make their own games. When the students begin to research on a topic, they will gradually gain a lot of knowledge, increase their abilities, and learn very fast. Their analytical and creative abilities will be much enhanced if they try to find the answers through many questions.


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