Playing Kahoot In Full Screen Mode

It must be so awesome to play Kahoot in full screen mode. Not only does it make the game more interesting to play, but also make it better. Normally, you will have to spend your time to make your Kahoot perfect by giving out questions, with some images or videos added, or even answers included to defy your students. But with the launching of the full screen button, your Kahoot games will become more attractive to your learners.

Where is the full screen button?

It’s not hard to spot this button for the full screen mode. The button always turns up on the top right of the screen whether you are using a desktop, a tablet or any mobile devices. Prior to launch it, or while the students are playing or throughout the gameplay, you are able to click the button to get in a full screen mode.

Playing Kahoot In Full Screen Mode

Advantages when using the full screen mode

  • Everything will become visible to you in the game. Also, there won’t be many distractions after going in the full screen mode, which makes the game more addictive and immersive to play.
  • The size of your videos and images will be bigger. Also, it’s easier for the students to read the questions and answers.
  • Full screen mode also helps the student increase their focus on the game.

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