Steps To Receive Reports On The Homework Challenges

You can gain more perceptions of learning progress through Kahoots, especially when you assign the kahoots as homework to do, which is known as a new challenge feature. The students can join kahoots and use them as their homework in their own mobile devices. This will make your learners feel interesting when they have to solve their assignments. When they’re done, they can get their reports with the results of homework challenges. To do so, there are several basic steps you need to follow!

How to get the results of your homework challenges

Start to download a report on your own computer

  1. You must visit, then begin to log into it with your Kahoot account.
  2. You will see your username in the top right corner, so click on it, then move to My results.
  3. Now you need to search for the title of Kahoot that you set as the homework displayed on the list. After that, you need to download a report or you can save it to Google Docs.

Homework challenge report on computer

In the app, you can totally catch sight of homework progress and

You may want to know the progress of your students doing their homework or when they finish their assignments. It’s easy now because you are able to check out the last report. Below here are some steps for you:

  1. From your phone, just open the Kahoot! app
  2. Use your account to log in. You see the profile icon that is shown in the bottom left corner, then quickly tap on it, then tap the Settings icon.
  3. Move to the home screen, then you can start the challenge.
  4. Enlarge the leaderboard by tapping on it. Your learners are able to see top 5 people with the scores, but you can totally see the full leaderboard.
  5. You will obtain detailed perceptions question by swiping to Questions.

It’s easy for you to catch sight of the student that already finished their challenge or the ones that are still playing as well as their own scores. Thanks to the progress bars, you can also know the share of accurate or improper answers for every single player.

Homework challenge in progressHomework challenge full leaderboardHomework challenge report 1Homework challenge report 2

Useful for developing assessment

By just tapping several stuff, you will be able to have precious perceptions that let you have a better grasp of the way that the content was learned. Also, you can figure out some areas which will need more observation in the subsequent class, then start to outline it in a properly. Also, this way will help you learn whether your learners need additional guidance or not when you give them overall or specific questions


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