Tip to make awesome Kahoots for Math

There is no denying that math games are the most famous ones played by Kahoots players. In Kahoot, math is also a popular keyword, with a lot of fractions and multiplication. Making Kahoots for Math is a necessary thing for those who are math teachers at school. Your students will be able to learn math well through playing Kahoot games. Currently, there are five awesome tips on how to make amazing kahoots for math. Let’s take a chance to explore them now!

Best math kahoots tips

How to make awesome Kahoots for Math

You may find it very tough and challenging to make nice math games in Kahoot. However, you shouldn’t worry about that since there are five top tips for you to do so!

Rich Text Editor

Never underestimate the rich text editor because it is very crucial for you to put mathematical characters in Kahoot. A table will pop up showing many symbols, functions, or even accent marks after you have clicked the inner of the answer field while trying to make your own game. You can employ those symbols and functions for signifying your quiz or evaluate the complexity of the math.

Insert math characters

Animated GIFs

Math games can be easily animated in Kahoot by using the animated GIFs. This is one of the best ways for you to make your math games more interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Animated GIFs


Another tip for you to make kahoot for your math is using graphs. This awesome tool will help you decorate the math complexity and issues in the class. Make sure that you export and save the graphs as PNG, GIF, or JPG. Also, the file size of them should be below 5MB.

Kahoot graphs

Keynote can help you become more creative

Keynote can be used to make kahoots for your Math. If you are interested in this one, then check out a video below here done by Shane Pransky:

Jumble can help your math games more amazing

Say hi to Jumble which is one of the latest game in Kahoot! Jumble lets the players get sort answers to the accurate order for earning more points instead of choosing an accurate answer. Jumble was made to grow the levels of focus in the class.

You can think about trying Jumble for the math class. To start it, you will use the Jumble math Kahoot called “Build the equations!”. The students have to organize symbols, numbers as well as words for making algebra equations. With Jumble, your math will become more engaging!

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