Tips To Make Your Kahoot Attractive

Kahoot games are becoming more and more popular from across the world because of its nice advantages giving to the players. It must be cool if more players join Kahoot day by day to create a big helpful community on studying through educational games. If you want to attract further players to your own Kahoot, below here are some good tips for you!

Tips to draw the attention of others to your Kahoot

Make sure that your description has popular hashtags.

It’s not hard anymore to add hashtags because the Kahoot Creator has just been updated. You only have to add a “#” symbol before your crucial words in the description.

Finding out the words to tag in your description is so important too. You are recommended to place yourself in a case of a teacher or a just a kahoot player that will be able to get advantages from kahoot. Think about what others would mostly search for when they type things in the searching box.

Normally a teacher majoring in math will type in “math” when he/she is checking out which kahoots are approachable. They can discover further kahoots that are tagged with popular things like math topics, particular grades or some specific objectives relating to the topics.

The image below here is a great example for the math teachers trying to describe the algebra concepts to the students in grade 8:

Make sure that your description has popular hashtags.

Make your Kahoot an outstanding one by attaching a cover image and delightful title

Needless to say, the Kahoot games are extremely popular when there are almost 10 million public kahoots that you can find on the platform. Lots of pages of results will turn up if you access the particular subjects and grades. Most of the Kahoot players want to catch something that is very attractive to them while browsing through the results. If your description and a title are appealing enough, along with a cover image added to it, the players will be attracted to your game, and it could reach the top of the list.

Make sure your cover image is simple but attractive one if you want to attract others. With the new updated Kahoot Creator that was made for mobile, you are now able to take a photo on your phone, then use the Pixlr app to add some effects. After that, you can upload it and set it as your cover image.


There two links that a Kahoot has, including starting the game and viewing in the Kahoot Creator. You can share the Play link of your Kahoot on the social media or the intranet of your school to make other players join the Kahoot. Also, you can motivate other teachers to attach your own Kahoot to their lessons and make it suitable for the students of those teachers.

Tips To Make Your Kahoot Attractive

Another tip

When your Kahoot gets into the Featured list, it’s the sign telling you that your own kahoot was already seen by numerous players. They will get attracted to your kahoot instantly. This is a great chance for you to establish your reputation and become the best learning game designer.

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