New Things Added To Kahoot To Help You find Public Kahoots Faster

Get ready to explore some new things added to Kahoot! You are going to experience three new lists as well as an amazing fourth updated category. With these additions, you will find it much easier now to search for a brand new Kahoot to discover.

Most Popular Kahoots

Most Popular Kahoots

Most popular is a category that consists of “Most plays”, “Most players”, and “Most favorites” categories. All of these kahoots were designed and created in order to content a group of people. Also, they are truly the most famous games that have ever been played and joined or even shared by a bunch of Kahoot!’ers.

Trending Kahoots

Three lists were also added to the Kahoot in order to fortify to concentration on the new. A Trending list will come out first, and it will collect the kahoots that were created over the past week. You can totally find something new by checking out the trending list.

Trending Near You

“Trending near you” list will help you search for awesome Kahoots that are most loved by many people in a region. You can check out the list to find a lot of specific topics relating to your area as well as you can find out what other teachers in your region are researching on.

Top Kahoot!’ers

This list can be considered as the most exciting one! In the list, you will check out a continuously changing list which lets the people create and place a spotlight on the newest from the teachers that already launched so many Kahoots.


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