Five Easy Steps For You To Make Winter Games Kahoots By Using Free Image Gallery

Prepare yourself for making your Winter Games Kahoots! It’s not hard to create your own ones since right now, you can follow 5 awesome steps on how to make the learning games by utilizing photos and videos from Winter Games. There is a full gallery of various free amazing videos, photos as well as even animated GIFs for you to use!

Steps to make winter games Kahoots

Start to make a Kahoot

The image below shows you three options, including Quiz, Survey or Discussion. Click one of them!

Start to make a Kahoot

Go to the gallery

There is the View Images button, and you need to open the #WinterGames image gallery

Go to the Gallery

Select an image

You can freely pick your favorite photo, video or even animated GIF and apply it to your question or the cover image.

Select an Image

Be sure to check the image

The image will be visible in your Kahoot. You are able to add more of them to the questions of Kahootby following the similar way. You can set it as your cover image.

Be Sure to Check the Image

Draw the attention of numerous players

It will be an amazing thing if there are a bunch of players from across the world play and enjoy your kahoot. You have to ensure that your kahoot is easily found by them. Try to attach an attractive title, a nice description along with a great hashtag #WinterGames to your created kahoot.

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