How to make the best use of #GhostMode in Kahoot

It’s so cool to use the Ghostmode in Kahoot! If you are a newbie to this feature and have no ideas about how to use it like a pro, don’t worry because now you can check out 5 effective tips for that. You already know that there are plenty of ways to utilize Kahoot, and #GhostMode is one of them. Let’s explore the tips to make the best use of #GhostMode!

Learn it more quickly

You can totally boost and increase your knowledge again and again by utilizing the “Play again in Ghost Mode” button displayed on the last screen.

Desk to desk competition

You can make one class fight and compete against the former class by utilizing the link in the results page.

Take it home

With a feature called “Send a link”, you can let your students join a game in class, then give them the link so they can explore and play the game once again at home.

There is no denying that a nice teacher is a time!

With the link in the results page, you can let the students compete against the ghosts of a Kahoot that was already played when the topic started so as to calculate the progress through over time.

A worldwide Kahoot

The “Send a link” feature is a nice one when it allows you to send and share the ghost game with any teachers and students coming from across the world. You guys can join and play against each other for a lot of fun.

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