Steps to use the 2-Step Join Option to make your game safe

Now you can keep your game safe by using the 2-step join game option in Kahoot! This kind of option has been released in order to help the kahoot players secure their own game in their classroom. With an additional step added, you no need to worry about your game being exposed to outside.

How to secure your game by using the 2 Step Join Option

  1. Search for the Kahoot that you want to begin, after that, you need to press “Play” button.
  2. When the lobby screen starts, you need to move down to open “Game Options”
  3. There is “Enable 2 Step Join” section there, and you must toggle on it. Keep in mind that you have to use Classic Mode now to allow “2 Step Join”
  4. Press “Classic Mode” button
  5. On the devices of your players, they can visit to engage in Kahoot. Then, they just have to enter the Game PIN as well as their nicknames.
  6. The players are forced to input the tile Pattern on their own devices so that they can engage in the game. The Pattern won’t stay the same because it will alter each of 7 seconds. This will add additional security.
  7. Now it’s time to play Kahoot!


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