Tips To Attach Media Before or After Questions in Your Own Kahoot

Take a chance to explore how to attach media prior to a question or even after it when you make your Kahoot game. Using media in your kahoot will surely make it more attractive and interesting to lots of players!

How to attach media to your Kahoot question

You need to upload the media into a different question. Try to estimate the opinions and stimulate discussion as well as check out things that your students already learn prior to teaching them.

How to Attach Media to Your Kahoot Question

Embedding media before question

You can encourage the learning spirit of your students by showing them a video then asking them a question after that in your kahoot. By doing so, you can draw the attention of your students easily. In addition, you can even ask your students how they feel about your video or pictures when you display them. Their feedback is very useful because their comments will let you easily understand the quality of your media, which helps you find media that is much better for the subsequent lesions. You can totally get it back in the downloadable results.

The “Award points” should be turned off to make sure that it won’t have an influence on the scores.

Embedding Media Before Question

If all students give out their answers before a video is done playing, you can totally utilize “show image” button so as to watch it once again.

You can use a blind kahoot if you want to show more information to your learners, especially when they have no clues about the topic. Blind kahoot is such a strong and handy method for you to present your info.

Embedding media right after a question

If you embed media right after a question, then it can be utilized as a review question which helps you boost the concepts as well as point out crucial points. By doing so, your students can let you know the way they feel about the topic, like if they are confident in it or not.

Embedding Media Right After a Question

You should keep in mind one more thing if you decide to add the media before a question:

After all of the students have given out the answers, you should let them talk about the live results. If you made an answer response like this: “I have a question” and it was selected by a certain student, you should ask the listeners if that one would try standing up and sharing. From the image above, you can see that the answers 2,3 and 4 are considered as a nice debate fodder.

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