Tips To Use The Kahoot Creator

Now you won’t find it hard to make interesting learning games in Kahoot. The updated Kahoot Creator has just been launched, and it’s considered as a great feature. To use this feature, there are some effective tips for you!

Using Kahoot Creator to make your game more engaging

Make sure you attach some #tags to your description and out a delightful title so that your game will be more attractive

If your game has a catchy title as well as a nice description, it will draw the attention of the players. Also, the game will be more concentrated, the understanding will be increased, as well as the critical thinking will be enhanced.

To make a kahoot, you will start attaching #tags to the description. By doing so, other players will find your kahoot more easily. Also, you can establish your own reputation and become a trustworthy kahoot creator in their eyes.

Using Kahoot Creator to make your game more engaging

Add a cover image and create an outstanding kahoot

You can upload a cover image from your own phone so that others will be attracted to your kahoot in the search results. With the function called “mobile-first” which was made for this Kahoot Creator, you are enabled to upload the image straightly from your devices.

Make sure you will credit your sources for gaining the trusts from the players, and then add the background to your kahoot.

There is a section in which you are able to attach details, links to the resources. With that section, you can even recognize the image sources as well as the utilized content.

Upgrade your Kahoot by attaching an image, video to every single question

High standard pictures, videos, and animated gifs are all things that will take your kahoot to a higher level. These things can be used to cover the hints, grow the comprehension, add context and create the anticipation.

You just simply copy and paste the YouTube link when you want to attach a video. Just show a little bit of the video, not the whole one!

Utilizing the new Overview page

You should make your Kahoot more engaging, effective and amazing to play by using nice hints and pace. Try to order the questions again, attaching or getting rid of the questions, or even adjusting the timer settings on the new Overview screen for getting the flow right.

Now let’s start to use the Kahoot Creator for making your own Kahoot! This feature promises to make your kahoot more exciting as well as take it to the next level. You are recommended to follow all the tips mentioned above if you want your kahoot attractive and appealing in your learners’ eyes.

Utilizing the new Overview page

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