The meaning of the Blind KahootKahoot is a such a nice platform for the teachers to convey the knowledge and give more insights to their learners. Besides it’s considered as a tool for formative assessment, Kahoot can also be used to introduce new topics to the students. A Kahoot!’er named Steph Castle called it “The Blind Kahoot”, and she used it to connect with her learners whenever she wanted to introduce another topic to them. Furthermore, learning the topics using the Blind Kahootcan help the learners acquire the knowledge very fast and easily. They can get a lot of insights into those topics, which enhances their learning skills. Let’s check out how the Blind Kahoot works and the results it gives!

Kahoot is not always about formative assessment

Similar to other teachers, Steph was the one that was familiar with Kahoot when she used it to review and evaluate the way that her students learned. They mostly enjoyed using Kahoot to learn. However, Steph quickly figured out that Kahoot wasn’t just a tool for a formative assessment, and not just a fast alternative for intelligent lesson planning either. She’s aware the significance of how you outline, make and host the kahoots needing so as to suit the learning goals of the learners. Clearly, Kahoot is not all about the knowledge testing.

The meaning of the Blind Kahoot

No exposing to the topic in advance is the meaning of “The Blind Kahoot”. If you use it to introduce stuff to the students, their curiosity can be increased.


Blind Kahoot did bring effective outcomes to the students and the class. With the case of Steph, she talked about the Blind Kahoots with her class and gave her students up to 20 Kahoot questions. They were able to understand and have a better grasp of the new subject. They tried to work together and discussed, which gave them so much fun. Steph already took Kahoot! to an awesome teaching tool with the good results brought by the Blind Kahoot.

Further ways to enjoy

There is no denying that Kahoot games are very popular and interesting to play. The students can totally create their own Kahoot games and play them all to help increase their knowledge as well as learn more subjects well. There are so many awesome ways to play Kahoot, such as Learners to Leaders, Global Classroom, and more. You can totally explore all of them, then select your favorite one which is also suit your style.

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