Ways To Use Kahoot! In The Classroom

Kahoot has been so popular these days as it’s being used by teachers and their students a lot in the classroom. This is known as a nice platform which helps the lecturers convey knowledge to the learners through different educational ways. At the moment, there are numerous various ways of using Kahoot in the classroom to bring effective results. Below here are five alternative ways for you to use it, and these ways promise to make the learners focus on their learning as well as capture their minds.

Introduce a brand new topic or a concept to your students

Some Kahooters don’t use PowerPoint, and they just let the students play the game to introduce new info when launching a new topic instead of doing a fast evaluation. Normally there will be 5 questions in one game. Every single question will create a particular concept or topic with some videos, pictures or even diagram added. After finishing every question, the students will have 10 minutes to discuss the topic. By doing so, everybody in the class has a chance to learn new stuff, increase their concentration as well as abilities to solve the tough subjects.GlobalClassrooms

Boosting knowledge

To boost and reinforce the knowledge of the students, you can let them learn by playing the similar Kahoot for a lot of times. The more they do, the better their focus will be! Especially when they can learn which answers are right or wrong instead of trying to remember the position of the accurate ones.

Motivate reflection and peer-led debate

Brand new dynamics happening between players can be considered as one of the most awesome things in a game of Kahoot. If the students that haven’t spoken or discussed things before, now, they will have a chance to show their debating skills through a topic. They will be triggered and get motivated due to the rankings on the leaderboard. If they are still at the bottom or lower than others, they will try to catch them and climb the top.

Normally, the debate between the students can happen during a quiz, especially when there are tricky wrong answers. They mostly will ask “why” and start their discussion. The teachers are able to make questions that have more than one accurate answer so as to power up the learning process. To make the repetitive questions or answers that can create more insights obtained from the former question, you need to utilize the duplicate question button.

Link #GlobalClassrooms

Now you can link with the classrooms from across the world so as to join a worldwide Kahoot game. You can use social technologies like Skype, Google Hangouts,, or others to share the screen of questions or answers to every single classroom in the game. By turning on the camera and microphone, your students are enabled to link together even if they are living in different countries. This is a great chance for them to explore and study many preferred subjects in various cultures. Also, the cultural barriers will be surely destroyed. The students can easily make friends with each other too.

You can ask your students to add their class name at the beginning of their nickname to begin an awesome competition between classes. Also, the students can practice a bunch of Kahoot games at home by utilizing screensharing tools.

Defy your students to create their own Kahoots

Your students can be motivated to create their own Kahoots to defy the classmates or play with them when they are out of the school. By doing so, their critical thinking skills on some subjects will be much enhanced, and they will surely get more inspirations. The students can freely play the games, observe themselves to become leaders while debating many crucial topics.

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